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Our strengths-based educational model creates a profoundly different school experience. When students first leave a traditional school setting, they are often traumatized from that school experience. We show them that they are in a warm, friendly environment from the moment they step foot inside our door. The beautiful home-like setting is a visual cue that things are very different here. We foster healthy, positive relationships and build trust with each student. It doesn’t take long for students to realize that they are never going to feel traumatized at school again. Once that happens, they become free to be engaged, creative, and productive.


A child who is intellectually and emotionally freed up can go through a year’s worth of curriculum in a matter of months because they can finally accelerate to their individual pace. They will not be given “busy work” or rote practice for material they’ve mastered. Teachers closely observe this progress and determine when students may need to pause for a mini lesson to shore up any gaps, then resume acceleration.


Students not only receive all core classes at Brighthouse, but also instruction in physical health, creative art, foreign language, social and emotional learning, computer literacy, and much more. Students are encouraged to explore their areas of interest as they learn and grow in an array of subjects.

Cultivating Community

At Brighthouse, we cultivate a positive social community where everyone accepts and values each other’s differences. We directly teach life skills and social skills so that we communicate thoughtfully and respectfully at school and at home. This builds empathy and self-awareness so that we can support each other and build genuine friendships.

A Typical Day

At Brighthouse, school days are Monday – Thursday from 8:15am to 2:45pm. Students and parents can use Fridays for extracurriculars, or they can join weekend events and classes we offer at Brighthouse. Here’s what a typical day at Brighthouse looks like:



8:15 – 9:00


9:00 – 10:00




11:00 – 12:00


12:00 – 12:30







Clean Up

2:15 – 2:45


We would love to discuss the cost of admission with you during a tour of our school. We have found that families who are coming from a private school experience enjoy the decrease in cost at Brighthouse, but of course it will cost slightly more than what families are used to when coming from public school. We want to be an affordable solution for your family, so please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

Drawing and Sewing Class

We offer a series of art and sewing classes for students and others in the community to have fun, develop their artistic abilities, and earn an art course credit after completion of the series (for students of Brighthouse Learning Center). Students have gained technical and compositional skills, the ability to give and receive constructive critiques, and a creative outlet for their thoughts and emotions.

Social Emotional Learning Class

Every Thursday, students are taught by our Licensed Professional Counselor, Mrs. Simon, about the importance of understanding mental health and the role it plays in our thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships. Topics covered include self-esteem, emotional regulation, communication skills, physical wellness as it relates to mental health, and much more. Students get to try out new skills, be involved in open discussions, and incorporate coping strategies at home.


Physical Education With Coach Sarah

Our personal trainer, Coach Sarah, teaches physical education and nutrition every Monday and Tuesday for a PE credit and lots of fun. Coach Sarah engages students in a variety of workouts including kickboxing, yoga, strength-training, cardio, and physically engaging games. Students benefit from learning new skills, getting stronger and healthier, and becoming more knowledgeable in nutrition facts and how to make better food choices.

Summer Program 2022

Life Skills Class- Life is Fun!

Dates:May 31st – June 9th (7 class meetings on M – Th, except for Memorial Day)
Time: 8:30 am-2:30 pm
Who: Open to all 15-20-year-old students/young adults
Where: At Brighthouse Learning Center, 21489 Koop Drive, Suite 3, Mandeville, LA 70471
Field Trips: Job interview, grocery store/kitchen, apartment, tire store, Verizon
Cost: $250 ($50 non-refundable deposit to reserve spot)
Enrollment: Call 985-705-8722 to reserve your spot! Deposit and enrollment form are due by May 12th. Form can be emailed to you.

Life Skills Class- Life is Fun!

  1. Budgeting & income
  2. Apartment living & tours
  3. Transportation & car care
  4. Job prep and interviews (benefit selections)
  5. Clothing, personal care (sick days), grooming
  6. Food: meal plan, shopping, cooking, cleaning, food rotation

Course Description:
This year, Brighthouse is offering one Summer Session that takes two weeks: May 31st – June 9th (7 class meetings on M – Th, except for Memorial Day); 8:30 am-2:30 pm.

This fun Life Skills class helps students prepare for taking care of themselves once they move out from home. Research shows that it is best to teach these concepts well in advance of needing them. We introduce this set of life skills well ahead of time so that students learn what to expect and can prepare for that launching time. We explore how to get a job and interview, develop a monthly budget, learn grocery shopping basics and how to cook, tour an apartment and learn about renting, experience basic car care like changing a tire and more, explore phone and utility options, and much more! We take field trips to a job, grocery store, kitchen, an apartment, tire store, Verizon, and more. Permission slip forms available after enrollment.

Winning Community and Hearts

Brighthouse students love to participate in community service activities such as planting Cypress trees in ankle-deep swamp water at Point aux-Chene in Montegut, LA; a joint effort with DOW, Inc. and Restore the Earth Foundation. This service activity spurred on weeks of investigations on climate change, weather, sustainability, hurricanes, and Cypress trees and growth rates.

Students enjoy learning from community cultural events such as visiting the Civil War Museum and Ogden Museum of Southern Art, attending the play, To Kill A Mockingbird at Swamplight Theater in Ponchatoula, touring the State Capitol in Baton Rouge, experiencing the Renaissance Fair in Hammond, and visiting our local library and restaurants. They also enjoy joining in The National WWII Museum for a cross-country virtual expedition on The Manhattan Project sponsored in New Orleans, LA.

Everywhere we go, students are developing a positive connection to our world, state, community, and culture. They experience an extraordinary reception from others, learn first-hand about real-world problems that they can help solve, and consider ways to honor our history and culture.

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21489 Koop Drive, Suite 3, Mandeville, LA 70471

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