multiple teaching modalities

visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic

Brighthouse teachers draw on all teaching modes as we study and learn. For example, many students are able to better remember and understand material if it is presented visually or kinesthetically. Not everyone learns the same way and they may change learning mode throughout the day. An effective learner will be able to seamlessly switch through different modes depending on the situation.

We create a learner profile for each student, tracking the way each student learns in various situations across time. We teach metacognition and utilize captivating lessons to increase motivation and engagement. We teach students how they learn so they can regulate their own learning. We make a point to present lessons in such a way that each student can navigate learning most effectively. We have more fun teaching and learning this way too!

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sensory safe environment

designed to be home-like, calm, and positive

At Brighthouse, a sensory-safe environment is a space that has been designed to be more calming for the senses. This includes the basic senses of what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. It also includes sense of movement, balance and internal bodily sense. We facilitate students developing the ability to self-regulate by taking care of their physical, social-emotional needs. We look at the whole person, not just the academic part of life.

We use warm ambient lighting, not flourescent lights. We have soft, plush fabrics on pillows and present a variety of seating choices. Students can eat snack, drink water, and use the restrooms as needed, like they do at home. Our space smells good. It is comfortable and not over-stimulating. We provide a few quiet nooks to take a break or work. Students can rely on our clean, organized, and pleasant place to learn.

fitness for students with disabilities

enjoying getting outside and making fitness a life style

We introduce our students to a plethora of activities they can enjoy as part of their lifestyle and stir up new-found interest in being outside. Coach Sarah's approach is to make fitness and nutrition fun and to help students create sustainable, active, and healthy lifestyles. Coach Sarah makes fitness fun! Fitness is for life!

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full time licensed therapist

social emotional learning

At Brighthouse, we recognize that a student is more than just their academics or learning difference. We believe that a student’s success should be approached from a holistic perspective, addressing their intellectual, social and emotional, and physical health as a whole. This is why we have a full-time Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) on staff. Our LPC works with students individually as needed like triage to help them process their emotions, practice healthy coping habits, problem-solve, and learn skills such as effective communication. Students are also taught a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) class every week where they cover a variety of topics like the wellness wheel, stress management, executive function skills, how to build relationships, college and career readiness, mindfulness, and more. When students feel safe and secure in themselves and their environment, they have the capacity to be creative and curious again.

facilitated self-regulations

equipping students to be life-long learners

Self-regulation starts with gaining more influence over one’s physical needs, continues to control over how one learns, and extends to taking command over higher order thinking to be successful in school and into life beyond school. Students with learning disabilities are delayed in achieving self-regulation in all three of these areas. Research has clearly shown that students who engage in effective forms of self-regulation are more likely to be successful in and out of school. In many current reviews of research in reading, writing, mathematics, and subject-area learning for students with learning disabilities (see Wong & Butler, 2012), authors have emphasized how learners with LD struggle not just with “basic processing” problems but with higher order thinking processes implicated in self-regulation that are essential to successful performance.

At Brighthouse, we recognize the importance of fostering metacognition, motivation, and strategic action if students are to take greater control over learning. We structure goals for students to develop into young adults equipped with self-regulation and self-determination.

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