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Lacombe Art Guild Post

Lacomb Art Guild Summer Camp Scholarship! by   Jess Blanchard

Brighthouse Learning Academy has received a scholarship for the Lacombe Art Guild's 2024 Summer Camp!

Art Photo 1

Why do we equate our artistic abilities with self worth? by   Jess Blanchard

Have you been in a situation where your child or peer has told you they’re unsatisfied with artwork they’ve created?

Jonnie Blog 2

Different Ways Exercise Helps Neurodivergent Students by   Jonnie Tinker

We all know that exercise is good for our physical health, but it also has many benefits for our brain function and learning.When you engage in physical activity, whether it's aerobic exercise, strength training, or any form of movement that elevates

drinking water

Water on the Brain? by   Sarah McNeil

You will hear time and time again that you need to drink more water. That it’s so important to consume water and stay hydrated. Well, just how important is water and do our students with ASD and ADHD suffer more from dehydration?

Lee 2

Math Teachers Have Lots of Problems... by   Lee Kreil

I agree 100%! But luckily for us, our problems all have solutions. Most students, plus a good number of adults if we are being honest, often express the opinion that math is like a circle. The point being that it is, well, totally pointless.


If I only had a brain by   Michele Tinker

Remember Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz?


What's the deal with SEL? by   Bethanie Simon

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a term for teaching life skills, coping strategies, and emotional awareness to students in a school setting.


Yes, you do. by   Michele Tinker

There are children in every classroom who are labeled, “lazy, unfocused, not trying hard enough, distracted, not applying his/herself, or a failure,” on their report cards, cumulative folders, and at conferences. Do you know any of them?

prefrontal cortex

How to Help your Child Cope with Anger by   Bethanie Simon

Handling anger can be hard enough for adults, and children often struggle to manage their anger in healthy ways.


A Lot Can Happen in a Year with Autism! by   Michele Tinker

At Brighthouse, we listen as prospective new parents and students tell us about their past experiences at other school settings.