Construction Photos

Milestones and Timeline


DONE - Bought the Property

The new school is being remodeled from an existing house located off Highway 59


DONE - Adding the Extension

The new building is getting two new staircases and an addition to support our students


ONGOING - Completing the Interior

The building is getting four large classrooms in the main building with additional spaces in standalone buildings


FUTURE - Finishing the Exterior

Beautiful finishes and a gorgeous yard will let the new school shine


FUTURE - Construction Finish

Ready for the 2024-25 school year at the new building


Student-Imagined Spaces at the New Building

Our students have been hard at work imagining the new building and what kinds of spaces they would like to enjoy in the future! In the next phases of Brighthouse's growth, the students will enjoy their ideas such as a koi pond and a meandering walking trail!